Partnership with Aldrin Family Foundation

“Partnering with The Aldrin Family Foundation enables Moon Mark to offer unparalleled access to space experience and curriculum to students and educators. With our collaborative global missions, we will bring opportunities to the next generation of space explorers.”

– Mary Hagy // CEO, Founder of Moon Mark

“Working with the Moon Mark Team has been an awesome experience and will allow us to touch thousands of more kids about space!”

– David Atchley // Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships at Aldrin Family Foundation

Moon Mark is proud to partner with the Aldrin Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to the pursuit of space knowledge and education. Together we bring unique experiences, educational tools, and programs to students who will become a new generation of space leaders.

The Aldrin Family Foundation’s Giant Moon Map allows students to “walk on the Moon” and see the lading sites of major Moon missions. Moon Mark uses this incredible tool to cultivate a learning experience that will inspire young people to activate their minds in new ways. Their curriculum, created by Perdue University, in conjunction with the Giant Moon Map will guide teachers, educators, and learners into the future of space education.

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