Partnership with Ad Astra Media

“We are thrilled to partner with Ad Astra Media, with our collaborative missions of inspiring as many young people as possible to dream big, and reach for the stars. Dr. Jose Morey’s work is positively impacting students across the globe, enabling them to realize their dreams for the future.”

– Mary Hagy // CEO, Founder of Moon Mark

“We are over the moon for this new collaboration, Moon Mark will be a defining moment for the future generation of Space travelers. We are entering a brave new world in which Space will be a place for all to live, work and play. We are excited to join the journey with Moon Mark!”

– Jose Morey // CEO, Founder of Ad Astra Media

As Moon Mark continues our mission to reach and engage young people around the world, we are proud to announce our partner, Ad Astra Media. With a focus on underserved and minority communities, Ad Astra Media creates bilingual content in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to help reduce inequalities and inspire our future generations to new heights. Much like Moon Mark, Ad Astra Media combines education with entertainment as a way to connect with its audience and make opportunities in STEAM accessible to all.

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