The Aldrin Family Foundation and Moon Mark has the shared vision of inspiring young people to become the next generation of space explorers.

We welcome you to explore the range of resources, curriculum, and project based learning that Aldrin Family Foundation has to offer:

  • Giant Mars and Moon Maps
  • Mars Map Lessons
  • Moon Map Lessons
  • Aldrin Art Space
  • We Come in Peace
  • Project Ianos
  • Space Learning Hubs

Aldrin Family Foundation Resources

Ad Astra STEAM Media has dedicated themselves to creating content that can be used to uplift and serve minority communities as well as engage with people globally.

They provide a range of content that is available in both English and Spanish and continue to create engaging materials for all:

  • Intergalactic Academy
  • Chopin in Space
  • Children’s Book’s
    • Hello Little Astronomer
    • Hello Little Astronaut
    • Hello Little Doctor

Ad Astra Media Resources and Products