London, UK November 17, 2020 – Continuing his life-long quest to inspire and develop innovators, Frank Stephenson has accepted the appointment as the Racer Design Director for Moon Mark Mission 2021. Moon Mark will see students compete in 2021 to design, build, land, and race two vehicles on the Moon.

In the first half of next year, teams of young people from around the world will earn their Moon Mark 2021 mission race positions through Earth-based qualifying rounds, similar to auto racing.

Mr. Stephenson will offer his world-class expertise to the final two as they enter the stages of the competition to race on the lunar surface, guiding them to functionally design the last stages of the two racers that will vie for the first-ever checkered flag on the Moon.

Moon Mark and Mr. Stephenson are partnering with Houston/USA-based Intuitive Machines, the global leader in low-payload commercial space systems, which will launch the racers on a SpaceX Falcon 9 mission from Earth to the lunar surface, and manage communications/video transmission of the race.

Golden, CO/USA-based Lunar Outpost has created the space-worthy internal mechanisms, around which the teams will design their best efforts to win the race in the harsh lunar environment, including microgravity, radiation and extremely racial temperature changes.

In 2020, Moon Mark issued a Lunar Race Car Design Challenge, which drew teams from 11 countries. Two of the final teams, each from opposite sides of Earth, designed submissions deemed worthy of lunar racing, after testing. Moon Mark 2021’s Mission to Race on the Moon goes one step further by enabling students to actually build and launch their designs.

By applying his world-class body of experience in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), Mr. Stephenson will offer Moon Mark’s young people from all backgrounds across the globe the unique chance to join the next generation of innovators, designers and decision-makers.

“This is a project helping to develop the innovators of the future, allowing them to dream big and realize that nothing is impossible. Space is a fascinating place, remaining untapped for budding designers and I’m very much looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge to those involved in this innovative project,” said Frank Stephenson on the project.

“We are thrilled that Frank Stephenson has accepted our invitation as Lunar Racer Design Director,” said Mary L. Hagy, Founder and CEO of Moon Mark. “His extraordinary experience and talents in automotive and aerospace design will bring insight and inspiration to our young innovators.”

Frank Stephenson Design is an independent design company with a world-class pedigree in the automotive sector, using expertise gained over nearly three decades to apply Frank’s philosophy to all aspects of design.

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