Moon Mark captures the adventures of high school students from around the world who will compete in 2021 to design, build, land, and race two vehicles on the Moon. This inspirational story, culminating in touchdown, racing, and leaving scientific advances behind, will become the defining moment of their generation, unifying all people, in all cultures.


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Partnership with Intuitive Machines

Moon Mark is proud to partner with Intuitive Machines, the global leader in commercial space and airborne systems, for our Moon Mark challenges.

Our students will work with aerospace engineers, autonomous vehicle experts and technologists to prepare for the challenges.

“Intuitive Machines’ depth of technical successes in aerospace, autonomous systems and human space flight, and its leadership’s talent in space commercialization, ensures our competitors will realize their dreams.” – Moon Mark Founder & CEO Mary L. Hagy

“Space commercialization offers coming generations opportunities as never before. Moon Mark’s proven ability to reach and engage millions of people with the highest quality content and unique stories, makes our partnership a great fit.” – Co-Founder & CEO of Intuitive Machines Steve Altemus

Moon Mark and Intuitive Machines Partner
to Launch First-Ever Race on the Moon
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2021 Mission to Race on the Moon

Design, build, land and race two autonomous lunar vehicles.
Aerospace and motorsports experts will mentor Moon Mark Teams.

2020 Lunar Race Car Design Challenge

Meet the Winners

Moon Mark’s Professional Team

Moon Mark’s Professional Team brings seasoned expertise and success in next-generation media production, brand sponsorship, and youth-based programming, including television, digital media, games, books, and products. We showcase positive stories of young people who will change the world with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Mary Hagy
Mary HagyFounder, CEO
Todd Wallach
Todd WallachChief Technology Officer
Trent Martin
Trent MartinVP, Aerospace Systems, Intuitive Machines
Ross Bentley
Ross BentleyRace Adviser
Marianne Barrea
Marianne BarreaProject Administrator
Linda Langton
Linda Langton Product Licensing
Andrew Davis
Andrew DavisTechnology Marketing
Malik Neal
Malik NealEducation Director
Marcus Richardson
Marcus Richardson Video Editor/Digital Designer
Erik Wagner
Erik WagnerIntern

Moon Mark’s Advisors

Al Ferraioli
Al Ferraioli Director
Mitchell Chi
Mitchell ChiTechnology
Dr. Neil F. Comins
Dr. Neil F. CominsAstrophysics
Scot E. Elkins
Scot E. ElkinsRace Direction
George Hemingway
George HemingwayGlobal Strategy
Herb Katz
Herb KatzCompetition
Bruce Kyle
Bruce KyleAI/Machine Learning
JJ Snow
JJ SnowInnovation Advisor
Frank Stephenson
Frank StephensonRacer Design
Karl Wagner
Karl WagnerGovernment Relations

Moon Mark Thought Leadership

Our Motivation

  • Personally committing to bettering worlds and universes
  • Serving the greater good, on Earth and beyond

  • Accepting responsibility for declaring human space habitation and commercialization with peaceful intent

  • Acknowledging that declaring universal peace necessitates solving Earth’s problems

  • Embracing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) as an accessible language that enables all humans to join, not divide

  • Welcoming diversity, inclusion and communications with all people

What We Do

  • Meaningfully contribute to developing a workforce pipeline for enterprises in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM)
  • Create positive, real and virtual experiences for young people all across the globe
  • Leverage emerging media technology to create and distribute highest-quality content and engagement
  • Collaborate with sponsors and partners to reach as many people as possible across the world and in space

Why The Moon?

With a universe of options, including the need to solve serious problems on Earth, we decided to focus on our Moon for the following reasons:

  • No one owns the Moon
  • Every human has lived with the Moon since birth, creating a strong emotional bond that transcends almost every conflict
  • Lunar commercialization and habitation will occur before Mars and beyond
  • With the dedication to creating Moon Mark solutions that also address our planet’s needs, discoveries in lunar context are easier to transfer into solutions for harsh environments on Earth

Sponsorships and Partnerships

  • Real-world mission with future space explorers
    in the quest to race two vehicles on the Moon
  • We deliver custom sponsorships,
    brand integrations and licensing
    for associated products
  • Includes a multi-media docu-series following the stories of students who will capture attention across the world
  • Short-form vignettes for mobile and social media
  • Regional, national and global content distribution and engagement
  • Conceived and delivered by a team with deep experience in custom experiential design and content development/distribution
  • Gold Standard, Positive Platforms for Youth and Families
  • Global Reach and Engagement
  • Showcasing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics
  • Multiple Industry Applications
  • Future Workforce Development
  • Big Ideas, Successful Execution

  • Moon Mark connects globally with consumers through our next generation multi-media content platform.
  • With production teams following a group of genius young people who build, land and race two vehicles on the lunar surface, audiences will become part of the mission.
  • Digital Video & Virtual Reality content will allow audiences across all sectors to engage and interact with the Moon Mark mission.
  • Content will be developed with branded opportunities to integrate & tell a story across a wide scope of industries and sponsors.
  • Conceived and delivered by a team with deep experience in custom experiential design and content development/distribution

  • Moon Mark students are a nexus to connect globally peer-to-peer on a human, not nationalistic, mission, to reach the Moon
  • Create traditional and non-traditional educational experiences and accessible content for students, teachers and the public
  • Brand STEAM as fun and inspirational choices for young people via channels they currently use
  • Use non-traditional methods to communicate the imminence of space commercialization and its accessibility
  • Galvanize global talent pipelines for the future workforce

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